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SustainCase is aimed at demonstrating the many benefits companies gain when using the Global Reporting Initiative’s Standards for sustainability reporting. This is done mainly through case studies that show how companies:

  • identify their impacts on the environment and stakeholders that can hold them back from reaching their objectives and
  • take concrete action to minimise their negative impacts and increase their positive impacts.

Home page

We have designed SustainCase to allow for home page sponsors, to be displayed in the right-hand column of our website. Your 310(w)x109 px banner will link to your web page and put our customers in direct contact with you.

FBRH SustainCase newsletter

The FBRH SustainCase newsletter, sent out weekly to companies and sustainability professionals all over Europe, showcases a case study illustrating how and why a company had to take action on a material issue, how it engaged with its stakeholders to identify material issues and, most importantly, what actions were taken to tackle the issue in question – while also offering a selection of trending news and research highlighting, once again, the benefits companies enjoy with such a solid approach to sustainability.

The name of the company is displayed on the top of the newsletter in a prominent place with the wording supported by, e.g.:

This newsletter is supported by [name of company].

 For a sample newsletter please click here.

Special prices

Being a new site, we are awaiting our first period of operation, so as to publish our first statistics. Please contact us at contact@sustaincase.com for details and prices.





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