Tuesday , December 12 2017
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How are companies in your sector dealing with their most important impacts, building trust with their stakeholders?

The case studies sent out weekly through the FBRHSustain Case Newsletter are intended to give you insights on how you can maintain and increase the value of your company, through a structured process.

Today, 80% of the world’s 250 largest companies are using the Global Reporting Initiative’s Standards for sustainability reporting. They are dealing with their most important impacts responsibly by identifying, measuring, setting targets and taking action. Most importantly, companies are using the GRI Standards to improve their reputation and build trust and respect, by documenting their positive contribution to the world and communicating their sustainability performance through their reports.

The main benefits of sustainability reporting:

  • Attracting, motivating and keeping employees
  • Spotting strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing your sustainability vision and strategy
  • Improving management systems and setting goals
  • Attracting funding
  • Transparency and stakeholder engagement
  • Gaining competitive advantage
  • Improving your reputation, building trust and respect



The FBRH Sustain Case Newsletter, sent out weekly

Τhe FBRH Sustain Case Newsletter is sent out weekly. With each case study in this series the FBRH team highlights one key impact identified by a company reporting in accordance with the GRI Standards, showing how it took a structured, systematic approach to improving performance. These case studies illustrate how and why a company had to take action on a material issue, how it engaged with its stakeholders to identify material issues and, most importantly, what actions were taken to tackle the issue in question.

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A case study for your company

Interested in FBRH preparing a case study on your company and how it dealt with one of its key material issues? Please contact us.

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