Wednesday , August 23 2017

Case Studies

Case study: How Plymouth University encourages and enables students to engage with sustainability issues

Plymouth University, enjoying a growing reputation for sustainability, is committed to embedding sustainability issues and principles into its academic programmes, enabling its almost 20,000 students to engage with sustainability topics and equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to implement sustainability practices in their future workplace. This case study …

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Case study: How RWE makes its electricity generation more climate friendly

As one of the leading energy utilities in Europe, supplying over 16.4 million customers with electricity, , reducing the CO2 emissions from its power plants and increasing electricity generation from renewable sources, in line with German and European climate goals. This case study is based on the ‘Our Responsibility. Report …

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Case study: How SIX contributes to the stability and attractiveness of the Swiss financial center through forward-looking services

SIX’s mission is to ensure the stability, efficiency and competitiveness of the Swiss financial center through first-rate infrastructure services, a mission that is accomplished not least through forward-looking services benefiting society as a whole and fostering the sustainable development and attractiveness of Switzerland as a financial center. This case study …

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Case study: How Tiffany & Co. heightens public awareness of responsible mining issues and supports the development of broadly acceptable standards for responsible mining

Diamond and precious metal supply chains can be long, complex and often lacking in transparency. As a result, most people – including many jewelry retailers – traditionally knew little about who mined their jewelry materials and how. Together with jewelry industry associations and concerned nongovernmental organizations, This case study is …

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Case study: How the Saudi Investment Bank gains and preserves public trust through effective corporate governance practices

As one of Saudi Arabia’s leading financial institutions, seeking to ensure economic stability and growth for employees, shareholders, customers, and Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) strives, through effective corporate governance practices, to embrace and promote transparency, gaining and preserving public trust. This case study is based on the …

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Case study: How Woolworths ensures workplace diversity

As Australia’s second largest private sector employer and New Zealand’s largest private sector employer, Woolworths makes a considerable contribution to employment and the economy. In Australia, Woolworths employed, in 2015, 197,426 people, including 74,848 young employees under the age of 25 years. Workforce diversity is thus a top priority. This …

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