The case for CSR/ Sustainability Reporting Done Responsibly


Insights on how you can protect the environment, maintain and increase the value of your company, through a structured process.

Insights on how you can protect the environment, maintain and increase the value of your company, through a structured process.

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20 years GRI – Driving Global Change

Twenty years after it was founded in Boston, USA, to set new global standards for sustainability reporting, GRI has become the world’s leading provider of sustainability reporting standards, integrating fresh topics and best practices as they appear.

A multi-stakeholder approach

GRI’s multi-stakeholder approach enables every organization, regardless of size, sector or location, to make the most of its reporting framework, measuring, managing and communicating sustainability impacts.

GRI’s mission

Engaging companies, governments, financial institutions, labor organizations, civil society and citizens across the globe, GRI strives to achieve its mission: create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable future.

Supporting development in emerging countries

Collaborating with governments globally, GRI supports sustainable trade, investing and development in emerging countries, to reduce economic and social inequalities and fight poverty.

Promoting business reporting on the SDGs

Joining forces with the United Nations Global Compact, GRI launched the ‘Business Reporting on the SDGs’ action platform, to promote business reporting on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Key facts & figures

  • 30,100 professionals around the world have been trained, through GRI’s Certified Training Courses, to begin sustainability reporting
  • GRI’s Certified Training Courses are offered by 89 training partners in 54 countries  Tweet This!
  • 74 per cent of the largest 250 companies globally use GRI’s sustainability reporting framework
  • The GRI GOLD Community – GRI’s network of core supporters – includes more than 500 leading organizations, from 68 countries
  • 111 policies in 50 countries and regions worldwide reference GRI
  • More than 40,000 reports are registered in GRI’s Sustainability Disclosure Database
  • 22 of the Bloomberg 50 companies report according to GRI’s sustainability reporting standards
  • 315 of the FT Europe 500 companies use GRI’s reporting framework
  • GRI has implemented sustainable development programmes in 18 developing countries
  • Over 3,200 participants attended GRI Standards launch events since October 2016 in 25 countries
  • Under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2010, the UN Global Compact adopts the GRI Standards as the recommended reporting framework for companies to communicate on progress made.
  • A ground-breaking action platform to tackle the challenge of SDG reporting is being established by the UN Global Compact and GRI.



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