The case for CSR/ Sustainability Reporting Done Responsibly


Insights on how you can protect the environment, maintain and increase the value of your company, through a structured process.

Insights on how you can protect the environment, maintain and increase the value of your company, through a structured process.

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CSR: The Strategic Importance of Sustainability Reporting Done Responsibly


You are invited to the conference “CSR: The Strategic Importance of Sustainability Reporting Done Responsibly”,  jointly organized by CYTA and FBRH Consultants that will take place in Nicosia, Cyprus (CYTA Amphitheatre) on 7 February 2017.

Simon Pitsillides (Owner, FBRH Consultants) will address the event speaking on a range of issues, including:

  • Key facts about the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • The importance of Stakeholder Engagement
  • The Fundamental Interdependence between Business and Society
  • Responsive versus Strategic CSR
  • Mapping Social Opportunities, Using the GRI Standards to Identify > Measure > Manage > Change
  • Research: Presentation of research results by well-recognized institutions (Harvard, MIT/BCG, Nielsen, Oxford)

Other speakers at the conference include:

  • Theodoulos Makriyiannis (Head of CSR, CYTA)
  • Dr Gerasimos Haritopoulos (Senior Copywriter and Coordinator, FBRH Consultants): Case studies: Reducing negative impacts – Building trust with key stakeholders
  • Maria Strati (Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant, FBRH Consultants): Laying the foundation for good communication with responsible CSR/ sustainability reporting

Responsible CSR/ Sustainability reporting: A Key to Long-Term Success

Keeping our world safe by battling climate change is arguably the most important reason for taking action. Responsible CSR/ Sustainability reporting, implemented through a structured, methodical approach – Identify > Measure > Manage > Change:

  • addresses the serious environmental issues we are facing
  • provides a solid foundation for companies to succeed in the long-term by building and maintaining favourable reputations and relationships with key stakeholders (i.e. stakeholders that can hold them back or stop them from reaching their objectives)
  • aligns the interests of your key stakeholders with the objectives of your business, by taking continuous action to remove possible obstacles to successful outcomes
  • creates a solid foundation for good communication

A responsibly prepared CSR/ sustainability report becomes a valuable source of information and a reference for a company to demonstrate that it is already taking action on its most important impacts, through a methodical and structured approach. Responsible CSR/sustainability reporting acts like a radar for companies, by enabling them to be proactive, foresee risks and take action before situations spiral out of control.

FBRH Consultants Ltd – Global Reporting Initiative Certified Training Partner (Cyprus, UK)

FBRH Consultants Ltd was founded in 2001 and specializes in sustainability training, sustainability consulting and strategic communication services, with major customers in Cyprus, Greece and the UK.

Since 2008 FBRH has project managed the preparation and communication of over 30 CSR reports for major corporations based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. CSR has assumed an increasing strategic importance for companies keen to build and maintain stakeholder trust and is gradually becoming mandatory for all companies, globally.

FBRH Consultants is the only Certified Training Partner of the Global Reporting Initiative in Cyprus and one of three Certified Training Partners in the UK.

All FBRH GRI-Certified courses are funded by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority.


Key facts about the Global Reporting Initiative

  • Over 80% of the world’s largest 250 corporations issue Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports using GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Standards
  • GRI has global strategic partnerships with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Global Compact, with its framework enjoying synergies with the guidance of the International Finance Corporation, the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 26000, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the Earth Charter Initiative
  • GRI is focused on taking action on what matters where it matters: companies identify their impacts on the environment and stakeholders, measure, set targets, take action to minimize their negative impacts and increase their positive impacts, report the outcomes in their CSR report
  • Under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2010 the UN Global Compact adopts the GRI Standards as the recommended reporting framework for companies to communicate on progress made
  • GRI provides its well-recognized Standards to address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN. The guide “SDG Compass – The guide for business action on the SDGs”, developed by GRI, the UN Global Compact and the WBCSD, details how companies can take action to solve our world’s most pressing problems



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