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Case study: How Dolphin Energy ensures employee health, safety and wellbeing

Striving to achieve operational excellence, Dolphin Energy makes every effort to meet the strictest health and safety standards in its operations, safeguarding the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, not least through the promotion of a strong and positive safety culture and effective risk management.

This case study is based on the 2015 Sustainability Report by Dolphin Energy published on the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Disclosure Database that can be found at this link. Through all case studies we aim to demonstrate that CSR/ sustainability reporting done responsibly is achieved by identifying a company’s most important impacts on the environment and stakeholders and by measuring, managing and changing. 

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Dolphin Energy is focused on strengthening and improving its safety performance  Tweet This!, creating a healthy workplace environment and, also, on engaging employees with health and safety issues, through a range of measures, systems, and initiatives. In order to ensure employee health, safety and wellbeing Dolphin Energy took action to:
  • update and improve systems and programs
  • raise employee awareness through health and safety campaigns and programs
  • set out the 12 Golden Safety Rules
  • create a healthy work environment through the Occupational Health Management Plan

What are the material issues the company has identified?

In its 2015 Sustainability Report Dolphin Energy identified a range of material issues, such as compliance with regulations, transparency, accountability and integrity, reliable and efficient operations, emergency preparedness, protection of the environment, achieving operational and financial targets. Among these, ensuring employee health, safety and wellbeing stands out as a key material issue for Dolphin Energy.

Stakeholder engagement in accordance with the GRI Standards

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) defines the Principle of Stakeholder Inclusiveness when identifying material issues (or a company’s most important impacts) as follows:

“The organization should identify its stakeholders, and explain how it has responded to their reasonable expectations.”

Stakeholders must be consulted in the process of identifying a company’s most important impacts and their reasonable expectations and interests must be taken into account. This is an important cornerstone for CSR / sustainability reporting done responsibly.

Key stakeholder groups Dolphin Energy engages with:   

To identify, effectively address and report on material issues, Dolphin Energy engages with the following stakeholder groups:

Stakeholder Group                Method of engagement
Employees & Contract Staff



·         Annual CEO meeting and quarterly forums

·         Performance appraisals

·         Employee satisfaction surveys

·         Grievance system

·         Engagement surveys, feedback/suggestion systems

·         Internal newsletters

·         Recognition and awards program

·         Compensation and benefits

·         Company policies and project management system

·         Training, workshops, and business travel

·         Technological support

·         Exit interviews

·         Dolphin Energy Business Plan

·         Compliance hotline

·         Volunteering opportunities

·         HSE&S Watch programme

·         Development and career enhancement plans

·         Corporate events

Shareholders ·         Representation on the Board of Directors and its advisory committees, including regular board meetings

·         Representation and active involvement as members /secondees throughout the organization

·         Monthly, quarterly and semi-annual reports

·         Reporting on company performance via annual sustainability reporting

·         Media relations activities

·         Annual budget review and approval

Clients & Customers



·         Ongoing engagement /coordination through operations

·         Regular meetings to review product and service

·         Customer Satisfaction Surveys

·         Annual Sustainability Reports

·         Feedback through follow up servicing and ongoing sales engagement

·         Company newsletter (Dolphinsight)

·         Media relations activities

·         Customer Care System (customers may file complaints directly with Dolphin Energy’s CEO)

Government & Regulators



·         Representation on the Dolphin Energy Managing Committee

·         Interaction and regular communication with regulatory agencies

·         Collaboration regarding facility tours and inspections

·         Participation in governmental initiatives and campaigns

·         Routine reporting of environmental management and timely notification of significant incidents

·         Internal newsletters

·         Media relations activities

·         Quarterly DPSA reporting and annual budget review

·         Quarterly meetings

·         Compliance audits

Local Society & Neighboring Communities ·         Joint charitable and research initiatives supporting important local causes and events

·         Conducting community engagement meetings as required

·         Dolphin Energy’s own employees whose families live in the local communities

·         A community liaison officer /community outreach office to communicate with society

·         Public reports as required

·         Media relations activities

·         Gas Network Protection Campaign

·         Regular patrols of the pipeline

·         Career fairs, school visits, and internship at Dolphin Energy

·         Community Outreach Program (COP)

Suppliers & Contractors ·         Bidding and tendering

·         Collaborative monitoring of project delivery

·         Customer surveys

·         Visits to potential suppliers

·         Quarterly meetings held between HSE&S and engaged contractors

·         Safety awards programs

·         Media relations activities

·         Routine inspection of worker accommodation

·         Audits and site visits

·         Incident reports and investigations

·         E-registration for contractors

·         HSE management plans

·         Annual contractor forum in UAE and Qatar

The Environment ·         Monitoring of activities and implementation of mitigation measures

·         Semi annual and quarterly report

·         Environmental Management Plan

·         Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIAs)

·         Engagements with environmental societies and NGOs

·         Involvement with various environmentally focused initiatives across the region

·         Funding environmental and marine biodiversity research

·         Annual Sustainability Reports which publish environmental performance data

·         Media relations activities

·         Environmental fairs

·         Awareness campaigns and school education programs like

‘Be’ati Watani’

Industry Groups & Associations ·         Regular meetings and workshops

·         Shared initiatives

·         Knowledge sharing forums

·         Interactive dialogue

·         Reporting

·         Media relations activities

·         Pipeline crossing agreements

·         Cost sharing agreements

·         Memoranda of Understanding

·         Joint crisis and emergency preparedness exercises

·         Engagement and collaboration

·         Sponsoring of events

What actions were taken by Dolphin Energy to ensure employee health, safety and wellbeing?

In its 2015 Sustainability Report Dolphin Energy reports that it took the following actions for ensuring employee health, safety and wellbeing:

  • Updating and improving systems and programs
  • Dolphin Energy updated its Permit to Work (PTW) system to an electronic PTW system (a new e-PTW system relating to Permits to Work for tasks performed by frontline workers) that ensures the more effective monitoring and control of operations, and also improved its Workplace Activities Targeting Control of Hazards (WATCH) program by bringing it online, for employees to be able to report unsafe acts or conditions by completing an electronic WATCH (e-Watch) card. In addition, in 2015 a tool called HSE Majlis was introduced, to enable Dolphin Energy to share health and safety tips with employees.
  • Raising employee awareness through health and safety campaigns and programs
  • In 2015 Dolphin Energy implemented a number of health and safety campaigns and programs, including ‘Stop and Think’ (regarding, among others, human errors in the workplace, their impact and elimination), ‘Feed Your Brain’ (sharing nutritional information about food) and the ‘Step into Health’ program (encouraging employees to walk 10,000 steps or more per day).
  • Setting out the 12 Golden Safety Rules
  • Dolphin Energy launched, in 2015, the 12 Golden Safety Rules, intended to remind employees of the company’s safety standards and guarantee, through their application, the safety of Dolphin Energy employees, who are obliged to strictly follow the rules at all times.
  • Creating a healthy work environment through the Occupational Health Management Plan
  • To create and maintain a healthy workplace environment, Dolphin Energy developed an Occupational Health Management Plan, intended to ensure health protection initiatives and health promotion programs are effectively implemented.

Which GRI indicators/Standards have been addressed?

The GRI indicators/Standards addressed in this case are:

1) G4-LA6: Type of injury and rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days, and absenteeism, and total number of work-related fatalities, by region and by gender – the updated GRI Standard is: Disclosure 403-2 Types of injury and rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days, and absenteeism, and number of work-related fatalities

2) G4-LA7: Workers with high incidence or high risk of diseases related to their occupation – the updated GRI Standard is: Disclosure 403-3 Workers with high incidence or high risk of diseases related to their occupation



1) This case study was compiled using published information by Dolphin Energy which is located at the link below. For the sake of readability, we did not use brackets or ellipses but made sure that the extra or missing words did not change the report’s meaning. If you would like to quote these written sources from the original please revert to the following link:

http://static.globalreporting.org/report-pdfs/2016/fb25c3ce5c0377f2327fbe79a519109e.pdf (October 2016)

2) http://www.fbrh.co.uk/en/global-reporting-initiative-gri-g4-guidelines-download-page

3) https://g4.globalreporting.org/Pages/default.aspx

4) https://www.globalreporting.org/standards/gri-standards-download-center/

Note to Dolphin Energy: With each case study we send out an email to your listed address in request for a comment on this case study. If you have not received such an email please contact us.

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